Season 3

December 16, 2022x
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Season 3: Disinfomaniacs Episode 1

Disinfomaniacs is a podcast about the liars, grifters and fascist charlatans intent on destroying democracy and, ultimately, civilization. Crash Barry, Nathan Bernard and Andy O'Brien report how propaganda trickles down to negatively impact local communities so they can expose, debunk and pre-bunk t...

January 03, 2023x
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Season 3: In Memoriam: Maine Storyteller John McDonald

Crash and John McDonald were pals for a quarter century, first working together in talk radio back in the mid-1990s. John died on Dec. 20, 2022. This is Crash's tribute to him, one Maine storyteller to another.

January 23, 2023x
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Season 3: Coastie- salty tales from a drunken sailor fighting the war on drugs

Coastie is the prequel to Crash Barry's Tough Island. During Coastie, you’ll sail from the Gulf of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico aboard a 210 foot Coast Guard cutter, during the late 1980s drug war and war on Haitian refugees and witness the misadventures and mistakes of Seaman Barry, a 20-year-old st...