Tough Island, Maine

Tough Island, Maine

In 1991, as a young man, writer Crash Barry moved to Matinicus, Maine‘s most remote inhabited island. Two years living in a fishshack and working as a sternman on a lobster boat didn‘t make Crash an expert on Matinicus, but it was a long enough immersion to study a unique society with a wannabe poet‘s brain, filtered through a thick lens of drugs, youth and hard work. Remember, be careful on Tough Island.

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Introducing Tough Island, Maine

Despite its remoteness, Matinicus is a microcosm of modern American society. Ruled by gossip and slander. Rife with substance abuse and marital discord. Over time, the archetypes revealed themselves: The angel, the hero, the loner, drunk, the cheater, the molester, the abuser, the thief, the suicide...

Tough Island, MaineAugust 18, 2021
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Tough Island, Maine: Chapter 1

After getting out of the U.S. Coast Guard, Crash moves to Matinicus, Maine's most remote inhabited island to work as a sternman aboard a lobster boat, The Dotted Eye. And he meets his new boss, Captain Donald, and his wife, Mary-Margaret.

Tough Island, MaineAugust 27, 2021
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Tough Island, Maine: Chapter 2

This week on Tough island, Maine, Crash moves into his room in Captain Donald’s fishhouse. Also, he goes for a motorcycle ride. And we meet Deputy Jerold Day, the first cop to ever live on Matinicus, Maine's most remote inhabited island.

Tough Island, MaineSeptember 02, 2021
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Tough Island, Maine: Chapter 3

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerold Day gets run off the island and Crash almost crashes Captain Donald’s boat. Plus, an underwater graveyard and how to dispose of an old vehicle or an ancient washing machine, island-style.

Tough Island, MaineSeptember 08, 2021
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Tough Island, Maine: Chapter 4

Crash wrestles with a cougar, Captain Donald rescues mariners-in-distress and a flock of puffins surround a shipwreck.

Tough Island, MaineSeptember 15, 2021
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Tough Island, Maine: Chapter 5

Crash trades cigarettes with some Russian sailors, scratches Captain Donald’s truck and almost gets stranded on a deserted island.

Tough Island, MaineSeptember 22, 2021
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Tough Island, Maine: Chapter 6

This week on Tough Island, Maine, the “Perfect Storm of 1991” strikes outer Penobscot Bay, Crash almost dies (a couple of times) and the story of the January 1992 sinking of the tugboat Harkness during a winter gale. Luckily, Captain Vance Bunker, a true hero, willingly heads into the storm.