Open Ears Maine

Open Ears Maine

Journalist Crash Barry has conversations with Mainers about COVID-19's impact on life Down East.

Open Ears MaineApril 14, 2020x
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The First Episode

Tonight, we'll be discussing the trials and tribulations of seeking unemployment benefits with the recently laid-off Neil Skillin. And we'll talk about Susan Collins with Nathan Bernard. And we'll hear from Becky McDonald Pritchard about the scene on Mount Desert Island. And, perhaps, a call from yo...

Open Ears MaineApril 16, 2020x
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Episode Two

On the second episode of Open Ears Maine, we'll speak to a nurse we're calling "Jane" who works on a "med surg floor" in one of Maine's largest hospitals to hear from the inside on how health care workers are dealing with Covid-19. And we'll discuss the explosion that rocked the town of Jay yesterda...

Open Ears MaineApril 21, 2020x
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Episode Three

Tonight we’ll hear from State Representative Chris Johansen, a Republican lawmaker from Monticello and the organizer of yesterday’s “Patriot’s Day” protest in Augusta. And we’ll speak to Washington County Commissioner Chris Gardner on how the pandemic is impacting life Downeast. And Gardner's though...

Open Ears MaineApril 23, 2020x
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Episode Four

A conversation with Jason Dionne, attorney-at-law, on how the pandemic is impacting Maine's family court system. And an update on the mill explosion at the paper mill in Jay, plus information about a hotline to help Mainers navigate the state's unemployment system.

Open Ears MaineApril 28, 2020x
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Episode Five

Tonight, we'll speak with psychoanalyst Ed O'Brien who sees patients in mid-coast Maine. We'll discuss how the pandemic is impacting those with mental illness and discuss coping mechanism for stressed out Mainers. 7 to 8 p.m.

Open Ears MaineApril 30, 2020x
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Episode Six

We'll talk to a Portland-area barber who held a haircutting speakeasy last week about the new rules for Maine's barbers. Plus we'll speak to Danielle Madore and Carrie Vinette of the Black Hen studio, a tattoo shop and gallery located on Ocean Street in South Portland and hear their perspective on t...

Open Ears MaineMay 01, 202000:22:0019.48 MB


We spoke to Rick Savage, the owner of Sunday RIver Company about his decision to challenge the state COVID-19 reopening plans.

Open Ears MaineMay 05, 2020x
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Episode 8

On today’s show, we’ll speak to State Rep. Genevieve McDonald, a Democrat from Stonington-Deer Isle with tips on filing for unemployment as a self-employed Mainer or sole proprietor. She’s also the skipper of a lobster boat, so we’ll learn about COVID-19’s impact on the commercial fishing industry. ...

Open Ears MaineMay 07, 2020x
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Episode 9

On today’s show, we’ll hear about Janet Mills' COVID testing announcement, plus breaking news about a cruise ship planning to tie up in Eastport for an extended stay. And we’ll talk about the practically useless COVID-19 antibodies test with a Boothbay Harbor man who paid 75 bucks for the darn thing...

Open Ears MaineMay 12, 2020x
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Episode Ten

HospitalityMaine wants the governor to lift the 14 day quarantine for out-of-state tourists. Also a brief flashback to 1902 when typhoid came to Maine.

Open Ears MaineMay 14, 2020x
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Episode 11

We speak to a mid-coast Maine mail carrier we’re calling Cliff Clavin to hear what it is like delivering mail during the coronavirus pandemic. And to learn what’s worse — dog bites or COVID-19.

Open Ears MaineMay 19, 2020x
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Episode Twelve

We speak to "Lois" -- a fifth and sixth grade teacher in a rural, mid-coast Maine town -- about education during the time of COVID-19

Open Ears MaineMay 21, 2020x
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Episode Thirteen

This episode is gonna be a little different. In Episode 13, we speak to a mask-hating, QAnon-loving Maine Republican Party candidate for an Aroostook County House seat. We'll hear about his anti-mask protests, the Illuminati, his work as a QAnon analyst and his ability to walk on broken glass.

Open Ears MaineMay 26, 2020x
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Episode 14

On today’s show, we’ll be talking about pandemic restauranteering with Erin Bruns of Bruce’s Burritos in Yarmouth. We’ll hear what it was like to pivot to curbside only food service, functioning under the state’s new rules and her thoughts on the tough times ahead for Maine’s restaurant culture.

Open Ears MaineMay 28, 2020x
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Episode 15

Two guests with dramatically different points of view on the COVID-19 pandemic AND the state of Maine’s State of Emergency rules. First, Phoebe Kolbert, a college student and writer, then Pete Guidi, an innkeeper with a large investment in Old Orchard Beach.

Open Ears MaineJune 02, 2020x
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Episode 16

Some thoughts on the protests of the murder of George Floyd and then a conversation with Captain Noah Barnes about the impact of COVID-19 on Maine's windjammer fleet.

Open Ears MaineJune 04, 2020x
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Episode 17

Tonight, a conversation with activist and author Reza Jalali about this week's street demonstrations in Portland and how COVID-19 is impacting Maine's refugee and immigrant communities.

Open Ears MaineJune 09, 2020x
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Episode 18

Tonight, our guest is Lokotah Sanborn, a member of the Penobscot Nation and an anti-racist and anti-fascist activist from Indian Island, Maine. We’ll be discussing the anti-Trump protests in Bangor on Friday, plus we’ll hear his perspective on Black Lives Matter, white allies and white supremacy and...

Open Ears MaineJune 16, 2020x
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Episode 19

A 785 foot cruise ship named the Riviera tied up to the Breakwater in Eastport on Sunday, with a skeleton crew of 135 workers. The vessel is slated to remain in Eastport indefinitely, or until the cruise ship industry re-opens after shutting down due to the pandemic. In this episode, we speak to two...