Marijuana Valley


Crash Barry's new book is the true story of a free-loving (and smoking) fringe community growing Maine’s most valuable crop. In his inimitable style, Crash provides a behind-the-scenes look at a sliver of a secretive subculture.


It’s the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition and Jeff plans to grow sixty-nine legal pot plants at his farmhouse in rural Maine. Problem is, he’s never grown ganja before, so he assembles a gang of misfit stoners to do the job. Jeff faces money troubles, women troubles and the threat of crop failure in his quest to turn kind bud into green. His hired hippies Rooster, Freaky-Freak, Mary, Dawn, Riley and Tracker  duel and steal, party and dream, their hard labor fueled by the promise of the harvest paying off.


Gayle, Jeff’s girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, is tired of his stress-induced antics and has fallen in love with another man. Broke and jobless, she feels she can’t leave until fall, but cleaning up after a houseful of sloppy farmhands and dealing with Jeff’s increasingly bad temper push her to the edge.


Meanwhile, Jeff’s neighbor Robert, a long-time guerrilla farmer, is shifting from outlaw operations deep in the forest to cultivating giant medical cannabis plants in a pair of legal greenhouses in his dooryard. Working alone, Robert excels at his agricultural efforts despite weed-sniffing bear dogs, thieves and mold.


“Crash Barry has Stephen King’s knack for dialogue and Carolyn Chute’s ability to lodge grit under your fingernails in just a few sentences, but he writes in a voice that’s solely his own.”         Glide Magazine


Marijuana Valley, 255 page softcover

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